WHAT everyone needs to know about Fire Drills and Testing?

Ideally, you will get an email or read a posted notice of planned testing of the emergency Alert Intercom system. Someone may alert you on the emergency intercom that “this is just a test. ”IF YOU ARE TOLD IT IS A DRILL, OR YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHY THE SIREN IS ON, TREAT IT AS […]

WHAT everyone needs to know about Fire Extinguishers?

It is a very good idea to have one easily accessible in your kitchenor unit. If you are trained & choose to use an extinguisher for a very small fire please use the following guidelines: Call 911 to report the fire before attemping to use extinguisher and always keep yourself on the exit side of […]

WHAT everyone needs to know about the Esplanade Emergency Response Team?

Many are emergencynprofessionals with medical, fire or safety occupations. Most have Training and Certification as membersnof Tacoma’s Community Emergency Response Team. In an emergency, they will be wearing yellownvests. Please follow their directions. Their job is to assist you until First Responders arrive; and then tonassist the first responders as needed.

WHAT do I need to know about Water Shut-Off?

Sinks, toilets, and your washing machine have hot and cold shut-off valves next to a wall that can shut of these fixtures. Your refrigerator, dishwasher shut-offs are not easily accessible. The shower doesn’t have one. You can shut the water off to your entire unit. THIS DOES NOT SHUT OFF FIRE SPRINKLER SYSTEM.nWater shut off […]

WHAT should everyone know about the Laundry Room Fan?

Each laundry room has a fan operated by a push switch in that room. To avoid moisturencondensation and mold, you should turn this on whenever operating the washer or dryer. There is annoptional programmable fan timer behind flip down cover. Below the program buttons is a slide outndrawer with a battery that operates the timer. […]

WHAT should everyone know about Smoke Alarms?

Smoke detectors are installed within each residential unit. Smoke detectors are designed to provide an early warning of a fire. Residents are responsible for maintaining the smoke detectors in their units, including changing the (9 volts) batteries and testing them by pressing the test button. It is recommended that you change the batteries and test […]