WHAT do I need to know about Water Shut-Off?

Sinks, toilets, and your washing machine have hot and cold shut-off valves next to a wall that can shut of these fixtures. Your refrigerator, dishwasher shut-offs are not easily accessible. The shower doesn’t have one. You can shut the water off to your entire unit. THIS DOES NOT SHUT OFF FIRE SPRINKLER SYSTEM.nWater shut off […]

WHAT should everyone know about Smoke Alarms?

Smoke detectors are installed within each residential unit. Smoke detectors are designed to provide an early warning of a fire. Residents are responsible for maintaining the smoke detectors in their units, including changing the (9 volts) batteries and testing them by pressing the test button. It is recommended that you change the batteries and test […]

WHAT is the fee if the rental room is damaged?

In the event there is damage or additional cleaning required in excess of the $100.00 deposit, management shall have the right to assess the owner (and in the case of a renter, the owner of the renter’s unit) for such amounts, and The Esplanade shall have the same lien rights for the collection of such […]

WHAT days ARE NOT available to rent the Community Room or Club Room?

The space may not be reserved for any national holiday or major sporting event. Those dates are blacked out. National holiday reservations will be available via a lottery system. Major sporting events are open to all residents. (For complete dates and details see management office)

WHAT is not allowed when hosting an event in the Community Room or the Club Room?

Noise or activities shall not disturb other tenants. Permission to use the room may be withdrawn immediately if noise is excessive.nNo tacks or tape shall be allowed to display decorations.nA separate admission fee for the room may NOT be charged.nViolators of the above rules will be denied the future privilege of using the room.n