WHAT are the responsibilities of my real estate agent?

Agent to have showing access to common areas as well as the unit.nBroker’s Open – Notify the management company and Building Manager of date and time.nA licensed agent must escort individuals, not agents, attending an open house through the building.n

WHAT restictions does my agent have with placing signage?

No signage of any kind may be displayed in front of, across the street from, or around the building, except with the express written permission of the Board. Agents wishing to attract potential buyers to the building may not do so by the placement of signage outside the building prior to an open house.

WHO can have a moving/estate sale?

Furnishings, artwork, housewares, etc. from unit estate sales and moving sales must be moved off-site to the estate agent’s showroom or the auction house, and the move-out must be arranged with the Building Manager, and move-out fees apply