WHO is responsible for changing the door locks on my unit?

The maintenance of lock hardware on the unit entrance door is the responsibility of the unit owner. If the lock malfunctions or requires replacement, all expenses for this activity are borne by the owner. If the doorknob must be replaced, it should be replaced with a similar unit as the other entrance doors.

WHO is responsible for the smoke detectors in my unit?

One or more smoke detectors are located in each unit. Smoke activates these detectors, and a loud bell will ring. Upon hearing the ring a resident should, if possible, determine the cause and take appropriate action. If the cause cannot be determined and smoke is evident, call 911 immediately. Other than scheduled alarm testing, residents […]

WHAT are some common sense safety precautions?

Do not leave any outside access door propped open and unattended. Be sure any outside access door closes securely after you have passed through it. Owners or tenants should question suspicious appearing persons or activities. Their presence should be brought to the attention of either a Board member, the Building Manager, or if more immediate […]