Sinks, toilets, and your washing machine have hot and cold shut-off valves next to a wall that can shut of these fixtures. Your refrigerator, dishwasher shut-offs are not easily accessible. The shower doesn’t have one. You can shut the water off to your entire unit. THIS DOES NOT SHUT OFF FIRE SPRINKLER SYSTEM.nWater shut off to your unit is behind a 3 foot tall by a 2-foot wide metal door. This door may be in one of your closets or utility room. There will be one screw at the top and two on the left. When you open this panel, you will see many blue (cold) and red (hot) PVC/plastic pipes. The red pipes branch from a trunk pipe with a visible shut-off handle. The blue pipes branch from a separate cold water pipe with a shut-off handle. Note that when the valve is open, the handle is parallel to the water flow. To close, turn the handle perpendicular to the pipe. We recommend that you do not block this access panel. If you must put something in front of the panel, make sure the object can be easily & quickly moved to give you access. A flat or blade screwdriver, butter knife, or any coin should be left or taped to the door for quick access. Whatever you choose, try it to make sure it does the job.) Show everyone in your unit; so that whoever is home can access it in an emergency.nBe Prepared to avoid wasting time in panic and confusion while water is accumulating and causing damage. Tip: Periodically, make sure your washer drain hose is snug in the drain pipe.

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